Technical Details


The original provisional patent was applied for in September 2008.

Here is the current status of patents on the Boyer Safety Doorâ„¢


  • Status: Innovation Patent Granted – Standard Patent Pending
  • Reference: 2009 100 957
United States of America

  • Status: Patent Granted
  • Reference: 8,453,384

  • Status: Application in Progress

  • Status: Patent Granted
  • Reference: PCT- AU2009-001249


Watch our animation video* below. It shows the Boyer Safety Doorâ„¢ from inside and outside, opening and closing. You’ll see clearly that there is never a gap on the hinge side, no matter what position the door is in. It also shows that this design, in addition to its unparalleled safety aspect, looks even better than the conventional door.

*Video created by the brilliant, award-winning young Lead Lighting/Rendering specialist Ben Malter