George Boyer

George Boyer

George Boyer is the inventor of the Boyer Safety Door™. He is a professional musician/entertainer, qualified accountant and experienced computer professional, who patented this invention.

George Akos Boyer was born Ákos Boér in Budapest, Hungary in 1942. He has lived in Australia since 1957. He is a well known and respected versatile Pianist & Keyboard player, located in Sydney.

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Inspiration for the invention

By George Boyer

A near-disaster led to the invention of the Boyer Safety Door™.

I almost lost all my fingers near the hinges,

and had my Guardian Angel not been on duty that night, this would have ended my career as a pianist. Instead, while my fingers were quite badly squeezed and were very sore for some time, no permanent injury resulted. It was a very close call. In the period that followed, I started thinking about a better design, one that would make it impossible for a finger to be gripped in the hinge area of the doorjamb. From the start, I envisioned a bullnose shape, which is still the fundamental element of this invention. However, many practical problems remained, which had to be overcome.

There was a serious support problem – there seemed to be nowhere to place the hinges, as the bullnose needed to move into a cavity as the door closed. Accessing the hinges was another major challenge, since no matter what position the door was in, the bullnose would always cover the hinge area. I was determined not to resort to using pins or pivots at the bottom and the top of the door.

Then, out of the blue – my Eureka moment came on Saturday, 5 April,2008 – a simple change to the shape and position of the hinges removed the stumbling blocks that had me stuck for years. This breakthrough simplified the design and completely overcame the support and access problems.

George Boyer