• Conventional Door - 40 Tonnes of pressure

Watch the video below to see the Boyer Safety Door™ in action at the Sydney Safety Show. We’re sure you’ll be impressed.

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Hinges are made under licence by the Trio Group

Sample door on display at Country Kit Homes showroom located at 112 Russell Street, Emu Plains NSW


Conventional doors are VERY DANGEROUS: – where the hinges are, they can cut fingers off.The Boyer Safety Door™ is different:

  • There is no add-on shield
  • The solution is an integral part of the door’s design
  • There is simply no gap for fingers to get trapped
  • This will prevent serious injuries

Watch our animation video* below. It shows the Boyer Safety Door™ from inside and outside, opening and closing. You’ll see clearly that there is never a gap on the hinge side, no matter what position the door is in. It also shows that this design, in addition to its unparalleled safety aspect, looks even better than the conventional door.

*Video created by the brilliant, award-winning young Lead Lighting/Rendering specialist Ben Malter

NEWS: US Patent granted April 2013


The Boyer Boyer Safety Door™ has many advantages over the conventional door. By far the most important is its unparalleled safety near the hinges, which is the most dangerous area. Web research has shown that “the pressure exerted at the hinge area of a conventional door can reach as much as 40 tons per square inch.”

Full list of benefits and advantages:

  • This door is designed to prevent the trapping of any part of a hand near the area where the hinges are.
  • The door is equally safe on both sides (inside and outside).
  • When the door is closed, the modification is completely hidden.
  • When partly or fully open, this door looks better than a traditional door, while continuing to offer the same thermal and acoustic barrier.
  • The solution is embedded within the design itself – it cannot be removed, damaged or disabled, as existing add-on solutions can. The Boyer Safety Door™ will never cease to function.
  • The components are completely maintenance free and last virtually forever.
  • The design is equally suitable to timber and steel frames, internal (hollow-core) and external (solid body) doors, as well as metal security doors (which are especially dangerous, due to the sharp edges all around).
  • From the inside, no part of the hinges is ever seen.
  • From the outside, you only see the hinge knuckle, never the wings
  • It is simple and relatively inexpensive.